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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We have planted and will continue to plant a variety of imported French, Italian and Spanish olive trees. The French varieties are as follows: Aglandaou, Bouteillan, Salonenque, Verdale de l'Herault, Grossane, Cayon, Tanche, Picholine, Columella, Cailletier, Rosee Du Mont D'Or, Negrette, Rougette Des Mees, Oliviere, Aglandaou Var Criepam, Verdale de Tourtour, Menudel, Ubac, Ribiers, Pardiguier, Brun, Rougette de l'Ardeche, Cayet Bleu, Cayet Roux, Coucourelle, Cayanne, Clermontaise, and Cayet Bleu. The Italian varieties are as follows: Leccino, Frantoio, Morailo, Coratina, and Pendolino. The Spanish variety is Manzanilla.

In total, we have approximately 3,200 olive trees on our property from which we make our extra virgin olive oil. We do not purchase olives from others to make our olive oil nor do we lease or rent existing olive groves in order to obtain olives.

Our first harvest was picked and milled in November of 2004. The resulting olive oil had a free fatty acid of 0.12%. Our second harvest was picked and milled in November, 2005. The resuting olive oil had a free fatty acid of 0.15%. Our third harvest was picked and milled in November 2006. The resulting oil has free fatty acid of .37%.

"Olive trees are the memory of the Earth". French Proverb

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