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Certified 100% Organic by CCOF for our 2019 Harvest



Our ranch is located in Coloma, California on the Georgetown Divide at about 1,800 feet.  Looking to the North, we see Mt. Murphy and Dutch Creek Canyon and to the West we overlook the Coloma Gold Discovery State Park.  We grow olives trees that were imported from France and Italy from which we make Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Our first olive trees were imported in 1999 and planted in 2001.  We currently have over 3,100 olive trees comprised of about 51 different varieties (primarily French).  Many of our French varieties are grown at similar elevations in foothills of the Alps in Provence, France and in the foothills of the Pyrenees   Mountains on France’s Western border with Spain.  To the best of our knowledge, we are growing more French olive tree varieties than any other olive grower in the United States. 



2017 was our 14th year of selling only 100% estate extra virgin olive oil produced exclusively from the olives grown on our ranch.  We do not buy olives from anyone from which to make olive oil nor do we buy bulk olive oil, nor do we lease, manage or rent olive producing lands.  We harvest our olives and process them within hours on our own Alfa Laval Olive Mill.  Our “Unfiltered First Press” Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is exceptionally low in free fatty acid (via oleic acid one of the main components of olive oil) and with a very low peroxide value.  The following is a summary of our 2017 harvest and the results of multiple lab analyses from multiple harvests:






2017 Harvest


Polyphenol Index


Peroxide Value

Free Acidity

UV Light Absorbency:

UV (K270)

UV (K232)

Delta K

Not Established

Not Established

≤ 20

≤ .80


≤ 0.22

≤ 2.50

                    <+ 0.010

                        390 - 224

0.0 PPM

5 -6

.06 - .08


.08 - .13

1.48 – 1.78

-0.003 ~ -0.005


We are very pleased with these results, as we are far below the maximum acceptable standards set forth by USDA Standards.  We always provide the harvest date, bottle fill date, best buy date, free acidity, peroxide value, polyphenol index, UV, glyphosate analyses on each bottle.


Due to a late freeze in March of 2018, the buds and flowers on all of our olive trees froze and we lost our entire crop.  While this was a setback, we used the opportunity to complete the organic certification process and we are now organically certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) for our upcoming 2019 harvest.



All of the olives grown on our ranch are processed there using our on-site Alfa Laval Olive Mill.   Our olive mill processing is done without the addition of talc, enzymes, solvents or any other additives.  Once the olives enter our mill for processing, the resulting EVOO is always stored in stainless steel containers, in a temperature controlled environment, until the time it is bottled and released for distribution.  We take lab samples from each separate tank to insure continuous quality of our EVOO.



We only use organically approved herbicides, soil amendments, and fertilizers on our ranch.  We have never used any pesticides, poisons, or fungicides on any of our trees or anywhere on our ranch.  We differ from many other agricultural endeavors in that we have planted our olive trees within an existing Oak Woodland.  This is a more difficult and costly approach but we think it is better to protect our vanishing Oak Woodlands.  We have 4 defined groves with specific olive varieties in each of the groves.


East Ridge Grove– Italian Varieties


Mt. Murphy Grove – French Varieties


South Fork Grove – French Varieties


Mill Grove – French Varieties



French: Aglandaou, Aglandaou Var Criepam, Amellau, Araban du Var, Belle de Ceze, Belgentieroise, Blanche de Paysac, Boussarlu du Val, Bouteillan, Brun,  Calian, Cayanne, Cayon, Cayet Blanc,  Cayet Bleu, Cayet Roux, Clermontaise, Collobrier, Cornicabra, Columella, Cailletier, Coucourelle,  Dent de Verrat, Grosanne, La Bechude, Menudel, Negrette, Noirette de l’Herault, Oliviere, Pardiguier, Picholine, Raspuluda,  Ribiers,  Rosee Du Mont D'Or, Rougette les Mees, Rougette de l'Ardeche,  Rougette de Pignan, Salonenque, Tanche, Ubac, Verdale de l'Herault, Verdale de Tourtour, & Violette de Montpellier, Zinzala (44 varieties).  Italian: Leccino, Frantoio, Morailo, Coratina, and Pendolino. (5 varieties).  Spanish: Manzanilla & Mission (2 varieties).



Our Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil may be purchased at select local retailers, restaurants & wineries, Farmer’s Markets and by appointment at our Olive Mill by calling 530-642-8017.



·        Cool Community Hall No. 001 & Gold Trail Grange Grange No. 452

·        Amy is a Member of the Applied Sensory Olive Oil Taste Panel

·        Certified Fish Friendly Farming® Program Member

·        Amy is a Judge at selected olive oil competitions

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